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COVID-19 Update 30/04/2020

There has been a great uptake by both patients and referring doctors in the field of Telemedicine. Especially in the field of Plastic Surgery where advice can easily be given on the visuals received by high definition photos and video consulting on a number of media including Facetime, Skype and Zoom. The Government introduction of item numbers has further enhanced this form of consultation as it is now affordable as well.

Following a video consult, a real time face to face consult may be necessary for clarity. Many procedures can be scheduled with all paperwork and admission forms available electronically.

With the prospect of lifting COVID restrictions in the near future a follow up consultation from home to confirm surgery or for further information is available by ringing the rooms on 08 70894486 or by email to

Dr Tony Moore


Plastic Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgeon

Stirling Hospital

20 Milan Terrace Stirling 5152


Ground Floor

18 North Terrace

Adelaide 5000

Ph (08) 7089 4486

Fax: (08) 7089 4487

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