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Mesotherapy Facial

Refresh, Renew and Rehydrate your skin with this next generation facial.

Refresh: Reduce pore size and smooth skin with neuromodulators.

Renew: Stimulate your body to produce it's own collagen, elastin and growth factors that combat pigmentation, fine, lines and wrinkles.

Rehydrate: Plump, smooth and increase hydration with medical grade skin boosting hyaluronic acid.

This treatment uses sterile needles that are as fine as a human hair which deliver a bespoke cocktail of medications directly in to the skin at a a precise depth to target your skin concerns.

It can be performed on the face, neck, decolletage, hands and other areas of the body and takes around 45 mins per session.

Multiple sessions may be recommended to achieve your goals.

Unlike traditional dermal needling which involves needling first and then applying serums to soak through the tiny holes that have been made, this method allows us to simultaneously infuse medications before the micro-injury has closed up.

Your tailored program is designed specifically for your goals that may aim to improve the quality of the skin, reduce pore size, reduce sweat and sebum production, encourage cell regeneration, decrease fine lines/wrinkles and provide an immediate tightening and luminous effect.

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What to Expect

A consultation is required prior to treatment. Treatment can be performed on the same day providing that there are no contraindications. Treatments can be performed in as little as 30 minutes for a single area. A local anaesthetic cream is applied and minimal discomfort is experienced during treatment. We recommend you refrain from strenuous exercise for 4 hours post injection and avoid the application other topicals for the remainder of the day. Normal activity can be resumed the following day including the application of skincare, sunscreen and makeup. Some redness and pinpoint bleeding may be apparent immediately post-treatment and some flaking may occur over the next few days. Specific aftercare instructions will be provided to you on the day.

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How long will results last

Neuromodulators if used last from 3-4months. Dermal fillers if used last approximately 9 months. The collagen induction therapy is a permanent stimulation of your own body's regenerative factors. More than one treatment at intervals of 1-4 months may be recommended to achieve your individual goals.

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