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Effective November 1 2019, Dr Tony Moore will be transferring the majority of his specialist plastic and reconstruction surgery and consulting to Stirling Hospital – where he has have been practicing regularly for the past 3 years.

He will continue with all components of Plastic Surgery including skin, hands, trauma, reconstructive and cosmetic. We believe the move offers you a number of advantages in terms of service and care: Stirling Hospital is just 15 minutes from the Adelaide CBD on the South Eastern Freeway and 10 minutes from the eastern suburbs;

There is plentiful parking; and

Stirling Hospital offers excellent care, service and facilities. The hospital’s location also provides a new, more convenient option for all surgery patients coming from the Adelaide Hills, the South East, Mallee, and Riverland regions. Dr Moore has been providing video consulting for the last 10 years and now that Facetime and Skype have reached convenient and reliable status, he will have multiple time slots for those patients who may be time poor and wish to have initial or follow up consultations from their home or office. Dr Moore will be maintaining an operating presence at Adelaide Day Surgery of 18 North Terrace, Adelaide and a professional relationship with Adelaide Plastic Surgery. Dr Moore and his team look forward to continuing to meet your Plastic surgery needs.

To ensure a smooth transition of your patient care journey, please complete your Medical Records Release Form and return to Dr Moore via email: Yours Sincerely DR TONY MOORE MBBS, FRACS #leadingplasticsurgeondrtonymoore

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