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COVID-19 TeleHealth Options

The Australian COVID-19 crisis has most of us wondering about social and professional interaction.

With the Government and Health Authorities promoting self isolation now is the time to consider TeleHealth consultations.

Stay at home and use the phone is a term we will hear more and more of in the coming weeks.

The Government has provided medicare rebates for COVID-19 positive patients and those at high risk however, TeleHealth consultations have been around for years for rural and remote patients and utilised more and more by many patients for convenience.

Dr Tony Moore has been providing video consultations since inception. There is generally no rebate ($100 fee is charged ) however when the patient is next seen at a face to face consultation the charge is bulk billed so the patient is the same out of pocket.

A video consultation by no means takes the place of a face to face consultation however, to confirm a diagnosis or plan a procedure all can be done from home or your office.

If you would prefer your next consultation via TeleHealth (you need an iPhone for FaceTime or Skype on an android with either 4G or good WiFi speeds) then please ring 08 7089 4486 for further information or booking

Dr Tony Moore


Plastic Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgeon

Stirling Hospital

20 Milan Terrace Stirling 5152

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